You want to change the world. We get it. We’ve lived it.

The truth is you can’t change anything unless you have a road map and a plan. In today’s hyper political environment, your good brand is not only needed but sought out by consumer activists. Time to meet them where they are.

Good Now, formerly Cement Marketing, is a digital marketing and branding agency dedicated to bringing more good to the world. Let’s start with yours.


Your Why

Your why is what makes your brand unforgettable. Defining your why is where our process begins.

Your Audience

 Through audience insights, focus groups and stakeholder interviews we’ll discover exactly what makes your brand tick.

Your Plan

Watch the magic happen as your team takes the lead, empowered with their new media, marketing and content plan.

Our Founder

Alaina Shearer is a trailblazing change agent and a digital, community and brand strategist. Or, if you ask her kids, a super nerd. She founded a ground breaking agency in 2010, built a national women’s movement in 2016 and ran for the U.S. Congress in 2020.

Today she’s hooked on bringing more good to the world by building lasting movements for purpose-driven brands.

Brands who have trusted in us.

Let’s start something
good, now. 

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