We all know the mantra (or, at least you should by now) – great rankings and impactful search engine optimization (SEO) happens with great content development, so write, write, write! It means that every marketing department, large and small, must focus in a big way on – not only their web design, social marketing, but also their search optimization and search marketing.

So, this year, 2015, should be your year. The year you truly devote your marketing team to growing your search engine traffic by creating quality content. It’s a big commitment, we know, when you have existing clients or customers to serve. But, imagine the results after you have created the quality inbound marketing channel that great search rankings ultimately produce.

Your new year’s SEO resolution should be: create a new, unique piece of content (a blog post, an email, a video, a Facebook update or Tweet) at least once a day. Hold yourself to it and watch the magic happen. Here is an inspirational WhiteBoard Friday from Rand Fishkin over at SEO Moz.

The gist: great content leads to great links, and active link building is no longer an absolute necessity.

Rand’s blog is here. And, for all of our readers and clients in the Midwest, Columbus, Cincinnati, or Cleveland, Ohio don’t miss him this year at Content Marketing World in Cleveland. The conference is an excellent resource for all marketing professionals interested in content marketing through digital channels and beyond.