Okay, so technically speaking we aren’t Ohio’s #1 SEO agency. We are Ohio’s #2 SEO agency. You can see our ranking below. A critical part of our SEO marketing strategy is tracking our keywords and their rankings on a weekly basis. We also exercise this practice for all of our clients.

Ohio's #1 SEO AgencyBy tracking our keyword rankings for terms like “Ohio SEO agency” we can correlate their rankings increases (or decreases) to actions we took that week or actions our competitors have taken.  It’s all part of our intelligence gathering.

Once we have that intelligence, we create our SEO strategy in response and then execute upon that strategy. This blog post, for example, is a tactical response to our recent jump three places to #2 Ohio SEO agency. We would like to be Ohio’s #1 SEO agency, in the eyes of Google and our clients, so we are writing this blog post to give us an edge. We’ll check back in a week or two and see how this does.

In addition to writing this post we have also created a category on our WordPress website called “Ohio SEO Agency”. You can view that category page here. The reason? Category pages rank highly due to the blog posts on them and all of their beautiful, keyword-rich excerpts. They are landing pages, essentially, which you can feed content to on a regular basis every time you write a new blog post. And, also you may have noticed the current page ranking for the term “Ohio SEO agency” is a category page, but it is the “Columbus Ohio SEO Agency” category page. 

ohio seo agency ranking

Category pages work and they work well. We’ll see how this new category page does for our statewide term.

Here’s how the SEO magic happens in our white-hat SEO world of Cement Marketing: 

  1. Identify keywords to target.
  2. Assess existing website content for keyword alignment.
  3. Create new content.
  4. Earn inbound links for new content.
  5. Measure and refine strategy.
  6. Focus on converting new visitors while continuing steps 3-5 weekly.

To learn more about our white-hat, best practice Ohio SEO please attend our upcoming workshop: Rise Above the Rest.  The Workshop will be focused on Ohio businesses, attractions or tourism destinations. We will have another general SEO workshop posted for Spring of 2015 as well.


Since our original publication of this post, Cement Marketing is now ranked #1 of the term “Ohio SEO agency” in Google. Test it…

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