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So, what about the cost of SEO? It often the first question for any client who has never hired an SEO firm in Columbus, Ohio before.

While the days of hiring a developer whose office is in his parent’s basement seem to be past us, and businesses large and small are beginning to understand that maintaining an online presence in search results and across social mediums comes with a price, that price still carries a lot of sticker shock for many.

What we do isn’t easy. It takes a tireless commitment to full geekery and a passion to outperform for our clients so that we continue to crush the competition. This is perhaps, why Cement Marketing has a nearly flawless client retention rate of 98%.

This, while the demand for SEO, Social and what we call, Content Marketing is at its highest ever.

Read this recent eMarketer report for details. They and hundreds of industry pros surveyed by back us up on the fact that SEO is the most time intensive of all pieces in content marketing–23% of online marketers report spending half of their time on SEO alone. Or check out this amazing post from UpCity on how to price SEO services.

We have been at this for years. In this time and through our work for over 50 clients, we have pinned down the cost of various content marketing services based on the amount of hours it actually takes to achieve our clients’ goals. Each content marketing and SEO project, depending on client size and scope, varies. And, unfortunately–unless you cheat, there’s no way around the hours tied to each project. In fact, we have walked away from work many times due to a potential client wanting us to cut our rates or cut back hours “here or there.”

Here’s the thing, if we cut back hours “here or there” you lose as a client and we would rather you win.

Why? Selfishly, because it means we win. We win the piece of mind in knowing our clients are satisfied, we win because we’re not squeezing our teams to magically produce viable content in a shorter amount of time and ultimately, we win you as a client when you renew your retainer or increase the budget you’ve allocated to us.

It’s really very simple. You win. We win.

We also don’t inflate our prices. So, when you are asking us to lower our rates, you are asking us to cut into an already narrow profit margin. We believe firmly that the market’s view of our work as “easy” or “cheap” will eventually wash away. With every Google algorithm update that penalizes websites with lousy, spammy or “cheap” content or bad links, the market takes one step closer to recognizing the value in true SEO professionals. And we win new clients who literally wake up to see their rankings have fallen over night due to that “cheap” SEO firm’s black hat link building or keyword stuffing.

Because of Google’s crack down and because of the increase in demand for true content marketing, our clients are beginning to understand that what we do isn’t easy or cheap.

So how much is it?

Well, that depends. It depends on how many competitors you have and what the competition is for your target keywords. It also depends on how much you and your marketing team can help in populating a content calendar (i.e., writing blog posts, producing photographs or videos), and it depends on how aggressively you want to rank for your keyword terms. Here is a snapshot of SEO hourly rates, on average, based on another survey of SEO pros by

Columbus Ohio SEO - Firm - Rate

Our rates are right in the middle, depending on the task and whether it is hands-on or strategic.

Contact us today for a risk-free assessment of your website, Facebook and existing or non-existing SEO strategy. We’ll let you know how much it will take to turn your digital marketing efforts upside down so that you a) feel in control of where your digital strategy is heading b) can feel measurable results that you know are hard earned and built to last and c) so you can work with a team that wants you to win (badly).


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