There are quite a few digital marketing and advertising agencies in Downtown Columbus.

In fact, many of our competitors are within just a few square miles. What sets Cement’s office space apart is our bird’s eye view of Columbus’ popular Gay Street. We are perched right above the Zen Cha Tea Salon and across from Cafe Brioso, our favorite place to get a buzz on when energy wanes. We love our loft office and wouldn’t trade it for anything anywhere else in Columbus.

Why do we love practice Web Design, Social Marketing and SEO in Columbus, Ohio? Let us count the ways:

1. Downtown Columbus food. Gay Street is host to some of the best eats in the city including El Arepazo, Si Senor, Due Amici and Tip Top.

2. The vibe. Downtown Columbus is in the midst of a revitalization. It’s incredibly exciting to play a hand in bringing Downtown back to life and being one of the businesses supporting that movement. We also love the sounds and the sights of our little, big City. We loved being some of the first to try CoGo bikes and we’ll be right on the loop of the new COTA German Village to Short North CBUS route.

3. The experience. You never know what you’ll find Downtown. It could be anything from bumping into Mayor Coleman to enjoying the Moonlight Market or Pearl Alley Market or hearing a protest on the State House lawn. This is where the action’s at and we love being right in the middle.

4. The view. We don’t know much about the history of our particular building. The old beams have been here since its start, we presume and we also presume it used to be a factory of some kind. The stories these buildings hold are secret, of course, but we can imagine who has worked here before us and that energy remains. Everywhere you look, no matter which window you see architecture from a day come and gone and feel humbled that you are only just here for a moment in its history.

5. The bars. Many of us used to work at offices in the suburbs. Happy hours required drives to nearby bars, which often lacked any soul. Here, we can wander right down Gay Street or up High Street to find an amazing place to celebrate our latest new client or project launch.

Watch our Principal and Chief Digital Strategist, Alaina Shearer, tell WBNS 10-TV why she chose Downtown Columbus.

The Capital Crossroads Special Improvements District is offering free tours of Downtown Columbus office space. If you are interested in taking one, more info here.