When I quit my cushy advertising agency job to start Cement Marketing, my own digital marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio, the possibilities were infinite. Braving the world with a simple business idea and the brazen confidence to pull it off, no one could shatter my optimism. Not even my boss at the time who looked at me and said, “You really think you can start an agency with one client?”

“Yes, I do. Because I haven’t worked at an agency yet that truly understands digital marketing.”

He practically laughed me out of the office as I turned in my resignation.

My idea was simple, I would start a digital agency that would focus not only on website design and development, but also search engine optimization (SEO), search marketing and social marketing. We would design websites and ensure they had a steady and rising influx of traffic after launch. It seems like a no brainer, but back in the day the idea that search, social and web design were one, digital experience was a novel one.

Today, our client’s digital marketing results speak for themselves.

Our SEO-focused clients enjoy traffic increases of anywhere from 100-350%, typically within the first six months of working with Cement. Our social marketing-focused clients have discovered the power of truly harnessing their audiences and driving them to take offline or online purchasing actions. Our website design clients enjoy beautiful, mobile-responsive designs which naturally attract more visitors upon launch due to their content marketing and solid search marketing foundation.

Cement Marketing celebrates its fifth anniversary this May and, still, my optimistic attitude remains. But it has been tempered with what we’ve learned and humbled by the knowledge that Google and Facebook change with the wind and so do their algorithms. We can plan all we want, but everything could change tomorrow. But while there is so much beyond our control when it comes to digital marketing, there is one thing we can always control– the quality and frequency of our content. Cement Marketing enters its sixth year with the most talented team I’ve ever managed and with incredible clients who continue to turn to us for digital marketing solutions. Now we are also offering full video services, traditional and print marketing materials and even branding. And there really is no limit to what will come next.

Are you ready for Cement Marketing?

You may be ready. But first ask yourself these questions to find out– does your website or do your social marketing channels drive sales for your business? Can you really feel the impact of your digital marketing efforts? Are leads and sales steadily increasing? If you already have an SEO agency, read our post on How to Audit Your SEO Agency and find out if their work is paying off. And lastly, can you handle a brutally honest digital marketing team dedicated to improving your results?

We hope so! If you’re ready to join us just call 614-564-9216.